Your Women’s Soul Tribe

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
Anais Nin


girls-407685_1280“My wish is that we women more and more practice to really see, feel and appreciate one another from a heart to heart level.”

I have created this circle to make it possible for us women with this deep desire to thrive, blossom and to be of meaning and service with the work we do, to see, hear, support, witness and celebrate one another.

This circle is here for us to be able to show our true heart, our struggles, our succeses, our pain, losses and again and again remind one another of our capacity to heal and shine no matter what.”
We are Individuals and yet WE ARE One!



My service to you


  • hop onto the virtual women’s boat
    (your women’s tribe)

What can you expect?
4-5 women on one boat that see, hear , feel and support one another

monthly tele conferences,
personal regular prayers.

There’ll be lots of space to show your true self to us.
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“I long to create more and more this growing community of sisters that see, hear  and understand one another; so a space can arise where we can show our true selves, our true beliefs, our longings, that which moves us in our core; so we can build a strong network foundation of women that are simply here to  celebrate and love one another, supporting each of us in more and more owning the gifts and qualities we  brought with us here to share.

We don’t need to figure everything out by ourselves.

We are all here to learn again how to truly share, how to fully surrender, how to give our challenges to a bigger source and therefore welcoming the presents and gifts that are waiting to be born through us, and be shared with the world like never before.”

In our sister tribe there is lots of time to share: Stillness, Listening Within, Sharing from the Heart, Creating what is truly yours and simply Being here.

Come home and celebrate together with your sister.
Feel very welcome.

I am excited to see you join our Women’s Circle now.


“We women long to be witnessed, touched, held and truly seen. We want to share, to be with one another (without judgements) and truly connect on a soul level.”