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Take back your dreams

27. December 2016 at 8:08



I know you are here to leave new footprints on this planet.

I know you are here because your life wants to reach and enrich the life of many others.

I know that you are here because you have a message to share – in fact you and your life are the message.

How often have you given your dream away?

How often have you given up and didn’t believe in your ideals, in your dreams anymore?

How often have you let yourself talked out of what you believe in because others didn’t believe in it or didn’t find it realistic, planable, achievable?

How often?

Did they include God into their planing?
If not, of course they didn’t believe in this.

You wish for something grand.
You believe in something meaningful.

Maybe you have an answer for the questions above, but in truth the answer doesn’t matter..

Much more important is to know the answers to the following questions and to follow their strength and lead:

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Your 2017

9. December 2016 at 11:45


Another year goes by.
Did you achieve, what you you were aiming for?
Did your life have the taste, the nuance, the depth and abundance that you were wishing for?

We are all creators of our lifes. We have a lot more power than we usually admit to ourselves.

There are two groups of people, the ones that sit back and simply watch their life passing by, as if it is something that simply happens to them and there are the ones, that stand up, cocreate and truly take part in that game called life. Which group do you want t belong to?

The cocreating asks for some inner work, it asks for the consciousness to know what I truly want. What is behind all those apparent wishes?
Do they really fulfill me?

What are the soul wishes, soul callings behind all that?
Who am I truly called to be?
And what am I ready to let go of in order to become the person that I am supposed to be?

If you have asked yourself those or similar questions, this is your place.

I offer Soul Readings combined with a Soul Coaching, to find out what you truly ache for and therefore set your Soul Goals with an action plan.

What are your Soul Goals?

How do you want to feel?

Who do you want to be?

What is slumbering inside of you, that is now ready to stand up?

Contact me today and book a Soul Reading.

I am looking forward to meet you!


Amira Link



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The sacred feminine

8. August 2016 at 17:36

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-image-beautiful-woman-dancing-gold-sunset-beach-image45476971The sacred feminine

What is the sacred feminine?

The sacred feminine is a very soft subtle energy that lives in all of creation.
It has been forgotten for centuries and the masculine has invaded it and built the patriarchal regime – so many of us are not even aware of it anymore.

It is awakening now and it needs our participation in order to deeply evolve and emerge.
We need to full the truth of: what we give attention to becomes bigger always.

There are more and more women awakening to their feminine power at this time of creation.
What does it mean they are awakening to their feminine power?

Something really beautiful is happening. Especially intuitive people have stated that new colours are coming into the spheric field of the earth. To understand this, we need to know, that the feminine nature is more then the masculine very spherical – most of a women’s energy is not the physical but the space between the actual physics -.
Women that are well in contact with their feminine nature observe that their energetic field actually expands when the physical body is treated with deep awareness, gentleness and even softness. Especially in sexual relationships.
But even a hug. When a woman is deeply in contact with her nature, she does not need a close or firm hug to feel alive, but the opposite – the more gentle and conscious she is being held, the lighter her light and breath will shine and the more her spark will lighten and radiate back at you. Because her spirit is almost like suffocated when treated to quickly or too firm.

So at this time of creation mother earth is calling us – men and women – to start to cherish and celebrate that unique female essence, the sacred feminine again.

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