Soul Reading



captures your essence,
recognizes you at the core,
speaks out, what you are made of,
and connects you with your gifts and talents.

It shows you the gifts, that you bring to this earth like no other;
it reminds you that you are unique,
and that what you are from the inside out is
unutterably needed, appreciated and loved.

Let yourself be surprised from your inner riches.

With my intuition and the help of your guides, I will forward to you messages that are of meaning to you and your next chapter in life.
All this serves your inner alignment and your clarity, so that you will give yourself the permission again to grow and expand from your core essence.

Safe your spot for a Soulreading with me now
and drop me a line telling me about your deepest longing.


Amira Link


“Amira, your reading was so enlightening to me. It brought me clarity in aspects that I wouldn’t have found by myself. It challenged me to dive deeper in my spiritual journey. I felt completely supported and surrounded by Divine guidance. It was beautiful and Powerful!” Paula C.