Soul Sisterhood

Your Women’s Power Circle,

to bring your magnificence into the world.

A doorway into your life of lightness, joy and spiritedness. In the Soul Sisterhood women connect with their essence and start living from the inside out.
In the Soul Sisterhood I help you to discover yourself on a soul level.
When you know who you are, you naturally bring your uniqueness and magnificence into the world!


Is my longing also your longing? 

I want us women to blossom in our full beauty and magnificence and I firmly believe that we need each other for this.

My vision

Step by step – one woman at a time – rises and shines, her Soul becomes visible and she is no longer afraid to fully show up and emerge as the beautiful being that she is.

A woman who blossoms is surrounded by sisters who see her, give her company and continuously remind her of her magnificence. In her good and bad times they are here – they celebrate her when she thrives, but also are with her when she is in pain and struggling with human conditions.

She knows that she is carried and guided by life, and even on bad days she trusts that something greater carries her.

She dares to “follow her heart” and dance out of the line. For she knows she is not alone.

She knows what is good for her and what is not, – and she is not afraid to say so.
Because she knows that she strengthens her heart by following her inner truth. And when ding so, she can be found more easily by those who truly share her longing (her soulsisters).

She feels seen by her sisters. With her strengths and her weaknesses – but above all as what she truly is.

She “plays” with life, enjoys her everyday life, sees the magic in the mundane.

She “knows” her inner call, knows what she has come here for and follows it determinedly and with the certainty that a greater power supports and carries her always.

Her steps are usually carried by lightness. And if they are not, she is reminded by her sisters that she can lean back, receive support and learn to trust even more deeply in times of overstraining, of tightness and of painful discomfort. Then, as if by itself, she is flooded with new strength and realizes that she is never alone. 

A woman who blossoms trusts in life.

Are you eager to become part of this vision?

Do you feel like you are one of us powerful women, ready to become an important part of the rising of the feminine?
Do you finally want to show up for your life, to blossom fully in it and to be seen and perceived as the beauty and magnificence that you are?

Are you ready for a new way of feminine Being?

Are you feeling, that it is your time to stop playing small and start playing a bigger “game”?

And are you ready to get to know your inner saboteurs and finally eliminate them?

Is it time for you to stand in a group with other power-women and finally make a difference?

Are you finally ready to be truly supported and gather with women, who walk for their dreams just like you?

Do you feel that you are called to start something new right now?

Is it time for you to take off your old trousers? 

My sister, I know there is so much more in you and I can feel that you can’t hold back any longer. Because you are full of vision of a better world and deep inside you know that you are an important part in making it happen.

You owe it to your life and yourself.
It’s time to go for your dreams and your desires. For they were put inside of you for a reason.

If you feel this in your body…in every inch…and you know that these words are for you.

Then now is your time!

The time to finally live out your magnificence and bring it into the world in its unique way. 

You are ready!

Ready to live your magical new life. Honouring the power within. The power you have as a WOMAN. As someone that gives life. As a woman, that creates and knows, and gives and is redy to learn how to receive as well.

Your circle of sisters is already waiting for you.


This Soul Sisterhood is for you, it is the support you have been looking for.

Here in the Soul Sisterhood women meet, who tick “differently”.

They have had this wisdom in them since they were little that there is more to life and that they are an important and big part of a change in the world.


Here women gather, who feel that it is up to them to create something new,

To be the change and this not just by themselves,

but in a group of like-minded people.

Women that are ready to find the key of life. 


“Whatever you can do or what you dream of – start with it. Courage has genius, power and magic in it”. J.W. v. Goethe


Soul Sisterhood is a

3 or 6 months Sisterhood with up to 4 other women to free your life from old dust, get into your power and find your life’s mission.

You will find out what it feels like to be truly supported and seen through the eyes of others and feel the power of a community of like-minded. Also in the individual coaching sessions you will get to know your inner saboteurs and what is holding you back. There we will find new ways of letting go of old patterns that keep you small and make sure you break through your challenges and become the person that wants to be birthed through you now. You don’t need to know just yet, how this will look like. In fact you can’t. That’s part of becoming more conscious, we can only look as far as our next breath. I totally stand for making plans for your highest vision, but in order to get there, you need to let go. I would love to be your sister in your awakening.


What does the Soul Sisterhood contain?

  • Weekly Live Calls with up to 3 other Soul Sisters
  • 4 individually designed sessions during the 3 months, 7 individually designed sessions during the 6 months
  • Membership in a vivid private VIP Facebook group exclusively for conscious, honest and strengthening communication.
  • Support from your soulsisters through regular accountability with each step, that you are taking


Contents of our sessions

Essence talk

In the calls, as well as your individual coaching sessions, you will playfully find out what really makes you tick, what your strengths are and how you can tap into your resources on an empowering level. This way you will notice how you will gradually become more authentic, experience inner freedom and live a more satisfied life.

In these sessions we will deal with questions like:
What is the essence of you?
What makes you thrive?

How can you become the woman you always wanted to be, the women that reflects through and through she believes in and what she stands for?



You get techniques from me that help you to follow your inner call and go YOUR way.

With these tools you’ll be able to question and change your inner attitudes. You can expand your understanding of what is possible and what is not. You will learn how to become the conscious creator of your circumstances. By the end of the 3 months you will know, how to anchor happiness, peace and joy in yourself on a constant basis.


Emotional healing

You get guidance to look at the injured parts within you, to take them seriously and take them by the hand, so you can win their voices as true soul companions, that have an important message for you.

Your wounds then transform into the medicine you have for others.


In all of the Calls you receive my full devotion and attention for your transformation, your growth and the blossoming of your greatest vision of yourself.

You also get from me the full range of my knowledge and ability to open and hold a space for transformation and healing. I bring in my abilities to make the potential in you visible for you and 

I will point out new portals to you through which you can go, in order to experience new ways towards a fulfilled life filled with spiritedness, fulfilment and happiness


            *** A load of stardust for your dreams ***


Through the community in the Circle and the release of your dreams, little miracles can develop easily and as if by themselves:

You recognize a deeper meaning in your life, which makes you look excitedly into the day in the morning because you can hardly wait to fully express your gifts.

You feel how your self-image and your essence ever-expand and you come into your greatness.

You realize what powers you have and learn to use them for what is really important to you.

You feel deeply satisfied in a way you didn’t know before.

You deal constructively with all your feelings and feel every feeling as an enrichment of your life.

You develop a love for who you are

You believe in the realization of your dreams.

You value your female essence again and let her lead your life.

You realize that there is much more help available than you have ever dreamed of.

You experience what it means to feel supported through and through and how fulfilling it can be to support others on their way to realizing their dreams.


Click here for booking your 75 minutes free Discovery Call (subject: Discovery Call Soul Sisterhood)


Are you still unsure if my offer is right for you?

Maybe a small checklist will help you 

This is for you, if you’re ready:

  • to open new doors to fulfilment, joy and true meaning in your life
  • to connect on a soul level with other women inside the Soul Sisterhood
  • to stop hiding, but to really show what you’re made of.
  • to express what you believe in and what you stand for
  • to carry your gifts and abilities into the world in your unique way
  • to devote yourself to a profound process that will clean up your life and might turn it upside down
  • to take full responsibility for your life
  • to support, see, celebrate and accompany other women that follow their inner voice
  • to open yourself to miracles and expand your consciousness
  • to walk paths, you didn’t know before.
  • to trust in yourself and your inner radar (GPS)
  • to follow your longing
  • to empower yourself and others
  • to take your place in the circle
  • to let your heart guide you
  • question yourself and adopt new perspectives
  • to go inside and give your spirituality (connection to something greater) a stable and conscious space
  • to pay continuous attention to your body and well-being
  • to consistently integrate strengthening habits into your everyday life
  • find new friendships and nurture them by showing your inner self and sharing with others


If you have found yourself in at least 15 of the points, then you have come to the right place!


Welcome to our Soul Sisterhood.

Welcome to your place where you can recognize your strengths, your truth and uniqueness and show them in a group. 

We look forward to seeing you!


Your investment: 1.700 Euros


If you have just read all this, are still here and feel that this is no coincidence, then you can sign up now for a free Discovery Call by sending me a short email with the title Discovery Call Soul Sisterhood.

In this 75-minute call, we’ll find out together if this is your place to discover your strength and your magnificence and if the Sisterhood is the right step stone for your growth and if it makes you know like it is a direct reflection of your Soul right now wanting you to become who you truly are.