About Amira

„We humans repeat way too much old things,
hold ourselves back and stop us from being the geniuses that we are.
I believe that we all came here to create something big and wonderful.
And I believe that now is the time.“


Amira is a travelling artist that loves travelling the world.
From an early age on she travelled the word and approached diverse cultures – with a priority to meet the people.
She wasn’t interested so much in landscapes, sights, etc. as she was in meeting the people that inhabited the land she was visiting and therefore getting to know what truly moves them.

Since several years Amira leads Women’s Circles. Her vision is,  that women keep connecting to one another out of joy and an inner power, so therefore they feel connected again with all of life and mother earth.
Her humour, her sensitivity and her unmistakable liveliness make her Seminars and Circles to a genuine firework of pure bliss and inspiration.
Amira loves people and therefore her mission is to remind them of their strength, greatness and uniqueness. It is her wish that every being feels ever so carried and supported by life that it becomes most natural to us to show our true Self and spread our gifts and talents with love throughout this world.

Music and Acting are Amiras passions since childhood.
Recently she has also discovered the art of painting. It helps her to recognize her own rhythms and flow and always brings her back to source.

Nevertheless music has been and still is her greatest passion, since a child she is writting her own songs and recently working on some recordings.
In the past years she has been giving little concerts with small audiences throughout Germany.
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Amira calls herself a student of life. The inter connectedness of mind body and soul has always been a central theme of her learning. In different trainings for massage work (the healing power of Touch), body work in general, metaphysical healing and her constant inquiry  on her own journey to come closer and closer to the light, she has discovered a set of tools that contibute to the healing of the individual and therefore the healing of the world.

Her own journey and her authentic way of sharing it with others are a constant inspiration for others.

Amira is currently traveling through Europe. Her online trainings and coachings are ongoing. She can also help you to find your inner healer throughout the distance.

If you want to get in contact with her, don’t hesitate to write her.