Let joy be your priority
You deserve the life that lights you up

Your Inner Goodness

There are times when we are called to nourish our inner Goddess. Right now is the time of inner reconnection, remembering WHO WE ARE.


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It's time, Your Soul Is wAiting

Honouring the tides in you

As a student of the course in miracles I was listening to a video class from Marianne Williamson, called “Teaching the Teachers”.

Being a Soul Inspired Woman:
She knows what is good for her and what is not, – and she is not afraid to say so. And when doing so, the whole universe starts fully seeing her, and she is connected to all women that truly share her longing.

My deepest desire is that all women will know themselves in a new, evolutionary and joyful way.

Believe me it’s no coincidence that you’re here! Each of my Soul Inspired Woman services have been carefully designed to recognize your innate power and finally step into YOUR truth and deepest natural service.You are needed now and with my work you will receive all the tools and clarity you need to now share your services to the world in a magnetic and meaningful way.

You’ll learn that walking together with other soul sisters is a necessity for your highest possible way of being out there with you unique services and in the same time making the money that makes you thrive. The world has never been more in need for you to let your uniqueness and magnificence shine. Soul Sister you are ready! Come into one of my offerings and I’ll support you in bringing your inner magic into your business, so that you can fully express and experience the complete joy and inexplicable capacity of your Soul. It’s time to hear your Soul and to answer its call. ​

It is an old, old subconscious belief that many women have around feeling unworthy and that shining their full Soul light would be unfair to anyone that is not good, almost like them being whole would take away from others.

I am 100% sure that that is not so, and I am her to help you SHINE.

After 7 years of working with conscious, deeply caring, strong women I have found that the more we dug into the core energies of each woman, the more she could truly express her light. There is no bigger longing in women that are awakening, than being of service and being a meaningful, creative part of the change we are going through as a species.


Soul Aligned Woman coming together

Do you feel like you are one of us powerful women, ready to become an important part of the rising of the feminine?

I believe that there are no coincidences and you are right where you need to be. It is your time now to step up and start leading a life that is full of joy, meaning and fulfillment.

When we set out to find the answers to those inner questions, it often means for us to first of all slow down, and be gentle with ourselves. The inner goddess wants to be seen. She is a very fragile, vulnerable yet stunningly rich and beautiful part of you. And in a world where we are shaped by performance, action, constant pressure to know things, forward movement,…. at first it can feel very unusual to slow down and listen within.

…At one point, when she talked about wisdom that comes from suffering, in one sentence she says: “We talk way too much about what God can do for us and too little about, what he expects from us.”