who are willing to stand up and take charge of their lives

Are you trying to please everyone else?

Are you tired of waiting for your ideas, visions, values to be accepted by all others before you accept and live them completely yourself?

You feel something inside wants to be recognized and expressed in new ways.
You finally want to follow your inner voice unapologetic, only you don’t know how?

Maybe all you need in order live what your inner voice is calling you to is, to have the right support at your side and it is finally time


with all your gifts, your light, your ambition
and your stumbling and your struggling and your dark sides


Here I am. With open arms expecting you to reach out
I will gladly help you conquer your kingdom to the fullest and sit on the THRONE OF YOUR LIFE.

Write me, so we can set up your free discovery call today. (Subject line: Ready for Sisterhood)

You know you’re here for great things.
You have spiritual values and believe in a supportive universe?

Yeah, I know you do.
Because you’re at the right place.
This is about YOU.

I am here to help you

  • to recognize and define your needs
  • to know your values and know what you stand for
  • to overcome your emotional blockages
  • to acknowledge and celebrate your inner and outer beauty
  • to find out what truly lights you up
  • and to know and express your boundaries

Sign up for a free discovery call today. I am happy to be there for you.

Your investment in you: 3000 Euro

6 months – 3 women – bliss – honesty – transformation
To a life that reflects your inside out.

your core manifesto

We are finding ourselves in times of great upheaval and uncertainty. Because you know who you are.


Come join my Group Coaching on April 3rd we will start a 6 month high motivational sisterhood program

soul session

In a Soul Session you will develop a deep experience of your inner guidance (Soul). Your Investment for your Soul: 200 Euros