Be it the state of our planet, of our health, working places or even our inner emotional state

Whatever it is that might be shaking your ground, the best thing you can do to stay stable and grounded in these big times is to know yourself and your foundation. This will always help you center and act from a place of honesty, truth and inner peace.
Because you know who you are.

Knowing who you are, changes everything.

After 7 years of working with conscious, deeply caring and strong women I have found that the more we dug into the core energies of each woman, the more she could truly express her light. There is no bigger longing in women that are awakening than being of service and being a meaningful, creative part of the change we are going through as a species.

We all have special gifts and I know deep in my heart that now is the time for all of us to step into the light and use our capacities and qualities for a greater good.

Unfortunately there is still, something holding women back. Through the many sessions I have given I noticed what is the cause of the pain these women hold.

It is an old, old subconscious belief that they are unworthy and that shining their light fully would be unkind to their fellow human characters as if them being whole would take away from others.

And I know if you face a limiting pattern like this in your life, you won’t step beyond that invisible limit,until you have felt in every fiber of your being how much you are needed and that the oppositive of this deep limiting belief is the case. You are worthy. You are so deserving. You are loved beyond anything you can ever fathom.

Because even if you know on a conscious level, how important you are. As women in our cellular DNA we still run very old patterns of unworthiness, unholiness and abuse.

Let me help you find out what your core strength is.

We will write your core manifesto together – a manifesto, that you can carry for a lifetime – truly knowing who you are and what your core values are.

When booking a Core-Manifesto Session with me:

  • You will receive a prequestionaire about what is critical for you,
  • in a session with me you will be entering a process to really get your answers from your core. We’ll set a date for a 2 hours call. We will let your Soul guide you to what matters most at this time. In this session you will receive emotional healing, as well as guidance on how to anchor your essence into your day-to-day life, revealing to you what your Soul is guiding you to embody.
  • After 3 weeks, we will have a second reflective session (45 minutes) looking at how you are anchoring your new-found knowledge about your core truth into your daily life. I will be opening up a safe field for you to be with your Soul. Also, we will have a look at the challenges that came up for you by stepping into your new energy and embodying your truth. Investment: 500 Euros

Don't waste any time



your core manifesto

We are finding ourselves in times of great upheaval and uncertainty. Because you know who you are.


Come join my Group Coaching on April 3rd we will start a 6 month high motivational sisterhood program

soul session

In a Soul Session you will develop a deep experience of your inner guidance (Soul). Your Investment for your Soul: 200 Euros