Changing your mind

A practical guide


Step one:
Take a pencil and a piece of paper.

Now listen to yourself and your thoughts for a moment.
And then write down all the limiting beliefs and thoughts that you are experiencing and continually telling yourself.

It could look like this:

I can’t do that.

I will never be good enough.

I don’t know what to do.

Everyone thinks I’m a loser.

I always do everything wrong.

Fill at least one DIN A4 page with it or write until you have the feeling that you have said everything.

Step two:
Now you take a second sheet of paper and now you write down the opposite of all this (write intuitively what your personal reversal of beliefs is so that you convert your beliefs.).

For instance:
“I can’t do that” becomes “It’s easy for me to do this.”

I’ll never be good enough” becomes “I’m good enough the way I am. I have what it takes.”

“Everyone thinks I’m a failure” to “Everybody loves and appreciates me”.

Only you know what your reverse is, so let it come out of your inner guidance system.

If you’re unsure which reversal is right for you, you can write down all the reversals that come to mind and then try how they feel.


Step three:
After you finish the second list, read it out loud to yourself.
Demand it from the universe, speak it into your life.
Be loud, be determined, be clear – feel it.
Inside and out.
Inside you and around you.

Feel how it becomes your truth and lives in you for a long time.

You will be surprised at the effect this exercise has.
It is worth repeating it.
Not only if you are down, also in everyday life or before important tasks.
So, you train your brain for your new reality.

What happens during this exercise?

It gives you the opportunity to know what you are thinking about yourself. Having it on paper and consciously looking at it makes all the difference. You bring them from the unconscious to the conscious part of your brain and therefore you diminish their power on you. All the beliefs that keep you from going into your greatness that you drag around with you day in and day out,
having them conscious can become the tool for you to become the deeply soul inspired version of yourself. And that will always be you in a so capable, aligned and loving light, that is the power of “I am”.

And then turning them into reverse is the most important thing you do for yourself. Whatever you say to yourself becomes your reality.
So, why not choose those beliefs that make you feel better?
And repetition is the key here.


Step four:
It is said, that it takes about 21 days to permanently store new actions and habits.

Record your new beliefs on audio, frame them for yourself, put them under your pillow, always carry them with you, do with them whatever makes you feel good and strengthens you at your core. Be creative!

The most important thing: repeat it!


How did you like this exercise?
What do you take away from it?

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I would also be happy to offer you a 20-minute taster coaching to determine your inner beliefs.

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