Visioning Call 2021

Do you feel like you are on the verge of something big?
Can you feel your Soul is calling for something and you are not really getting it fully?

What if 2021 is your best year ever and all you need to do is fully show up for your Soul and the message it has for you?
What if all it takes is for you to make a decision?
And what if I can help you make that new journey more easy and approachable for you?

Soul Alignment:
  • Find yourself back to your core strength
  • Own your power
  • Step into your Calling and make it happen like never before
  • It is you that’s got the power and now is the time

Your Soul's Evolution

This is for ladies that are looking for:

ways to finally know their Soul qualities

and unique way of showing up in this world


inner beauty



A time for your Soul to expand into every part of your Business: *you’ll know what your Business impact is and how you can truly allow things to flow for you *you’ll know and 100% own what your unique outstanding offer and messaging is

Also check out Amira’s 6 Months program with weekly Soul Alignment Coaching in an intimate group with 3 other women

Our Soul Aligned group of 4 women with the purpose of witnessing each other in their full expansion of the Soul light:

*5 individual sessions within the first 2 months, (4 more month 3-6)

*Consistent exercising for your growth

*Soul Aligned Business Workbook