girl-1319115_1280Here in the western world we all live a lot in our heads.

We think, think, think and overanalize.

In our school system all the subjects ask us to use our left brain, but who teaches us how to use our intuition?

And who teaches us how to listen to our body?

When we grow into our adults lifes we are expected to live a good life, a happy life.

But what does it mean to live a happy life?
When we completely leave out that capacity to think and feel from an emotional standpoint, to think and feel through and with the body I dont think any of us can live a happy life.

We need our bodies in order to be happy.

We need pleasure in order to be happy.

We need movement, creative expression.

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Actually joy can only be experienced through the body, it is when you let go of control that you experience joy and that deep sense of freedom.

For me dance, yoga, art and walking in nature are my remedies for overanalyzing.
On days where I feel like my head bursts if I read one more article, or have one more discussion, strategic talk, …

– I will listen to my body and let her do the talking then.

She knows what I need. She knows where the real pleassure is. She simply knows and guides me to places and feelingsĀ  I have never been before.

Yes! Letting our body guide us, especially in dance and movement can lead us into pure bliss, utter ecstasy.
It will lead us there if we trust.

What movements does your body ask you to do?
Are you resisting it?
Or are you following?

Listen now! Here it’s whisper.

And start your silentĀ  revolution of embodiment!

What is your favourite tchnique of coming back into your body?




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