Flow and Move



We all know what it feels like to feel stuck.
Recently I hear more and more people say, I feel stuck, I don’t know what to do.

Those are people that know what they want, yet they seem to not know what their next step is and so they stay in the illusionary feeling of being stuck, being left alone. In truth we can never be stuck, we are never alone.

When working with clients around that subject, most of the time I see that behind that feeling of being stuck is a deep sense of unworthiness.
Somehow we have all in our growing up experienced that we are not enough or have been told that we are not born to live our dreams, but to function in a society that does not focus on growing happy people, but functioning people.

What I say and suggest to all of those who feel like they don’t know the next step, like their is no path carved out for them is always to Go.

Movement is our medicine, in whatever way you go, you move yourself, your body, your soul, growth will be yours again and clarity is ours.

For me this movement usually starts with my body; a dance break, a long walk, a visit to the movement’s parcours or simply some yoga in the living room.

Fear can be debilitating and that is all thefeeling of stuckness is, it is fear. Fear is trying to keep us from danger, like maybe in childhood people laughed about you when you showed your true self. At this moment though it is not serving you, so you are safe to let fear go and move.

Now is your time.

Tell me what action step, what movement can you do today to feel flow again?

If you want to do a small test coaching with me, I’d love to meet you.





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