My Soul is on fire

My soul is on fire and I do not know where to start.

Sometimes not even know where to go and what to say.

Yet I continue writing.

For I know all it takes is to accept.


Accept that I am alive.

Accept that I am here now.

And accept that my soul wants to share a message.

She can only do so if I continue writing


Matt Kahn said in one of his talks

The body needs permission to have time for its processes.

And it is gonna be much slower than you think.


The return of the feminine is all about embodiment.

And I realize, when we put all the pressure on how it is supposed to be and happen,

it is naturally gonna hide and shrink again.

We need a loving and respective relationship with and towards our bodys.

They are the tool and expression of it.

Asking them more often: What do you really need?

Instead of thinking we know… already

We`ve read this, and heard that.

But did we really listen?

What do we really need?

Ask your body: What do you need right now?

Wait for the answer, there is no such thing as a hurry.

I am available for Soul Readings and Soul Sessions, just drop me a line.


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  1. Jeanette

    Beautiful space you are passing ❤

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