Your inner goddess

There are times when we are called to nourish our inner goddess.

Times in which we are called to look within,


and breathe deeply,

to slowly and gently land back within our own empire.

Never forget, there is noone with whom you will spend as much time in your life as with yourself.

So be honest with yourself:

When was the last time you asked yourself what you truly need right now?

What would bring you joy today?

And how you could give yourself and your needs more space and time in the days/weeks/months to come? (more…)

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Rising – the hidden flowers in you

As a student of the course in miracles I was listening to a video class from Marianne Williamson, called “Teaching the Teachers”.

At one point, when she talked about wisdom that comes from suffering, in one sentence she says: “We talk way too much about what God can do for us and too little about, what he expects from us.”

This sentence hit me. For, yes, it felt like that, especially in hard times, we either completely forget to pray and ask for help and assistance or we solely ask for what we need, instead of being shown for what we can do ourselves.

How can God reach us and awaken our knowing of the capacity that lies within us, to rise beyond suffering? And how can he reach us in what he needs us as being his extension of love to act and make the difference here in and with our physical costumes? (more…)

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Changing your mind

A practical guide


Step one:
Take a pencil and a piece of paper.

Now listen to yourself and your thoughts for a moment.
And then write down all the limiting beliefs and thoughts that you are experiencing and continually telling yourself.

It could look like this:

I can’t do that.

I will never be good enough.

I don’t know what to do.

Everyone thinks I’m a loser.

I always do everything wrong.

Fill at least one DIN A4 page with it or write until you have the feeling that you have said everything.


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