girl-1319115_1280Here in the western world we all live a lot in our heads.

We think, think, think and overanalize.

In our school system all the subjects ask us to use our left brain, but who teaches us how to use our intuition?

And who teaches us how to listen to our body?

When we grow into our adults lifes we are expected to live a good life, a happy life.

But what does it mean to live a happy life?
When we completely leave out that capacity to think and feel from an emotional standpoint, to think and feel through and with the body I dont think any of us can live a happy life.

We need our bodies in order to be happy.

We need pleasure in order to be happy.

We need movement, creative expression.

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Take back your dreams



I know you are here to leave new footprints on this planet.

I know you are here because your life wants to reach and enrich the life of many others.

I know that you are here because you have a message to share – in fact you and your life are the message.

How often have you given your dream away?

How often have you given up and didn’t believe in your ideals, in your dreams anymore?

How often have you let yourself talked out of what you believe in because others didn’t believe in it or didn’t find it realistic, planable, achievable?

How often?

Did they include God into their planing?
If not, of course they didn’t believe in this.

You wish for something grand.
You believe in something meaningful.

Maybe you have an answer for the questions above, but in truth the answer doesn’t matter..

Much more important is to know the answers to the following questions and to follow their strength and lead:

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Your 2017

Another year goes by. Did you achieve, what you you were aiming for? Did your life have the taste, the nuance, the depth and abundance that you were wishing for?…

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