As a student of the course in miracles I was listening to a video class from Marianne Williamson, called “Teaching the Teachers”.

At one point, when she talked about wisdom that comes from suffering, in one sentence she says: “We talk way too much about what God can do for us and too little about, what he expects from us.”

This sentence hit me. For, yes, it felt like that, especially in hard times, we either completely forget to pray and ask for help and assistance or we solely ask for what we need, instead of being shown for what we can do ourselves.

How can God reach us and awaken our knowing of the capacity that lies within us, to rise beyond suffering? And how can he reach us in what he needs us as being his extension of love to act and make the difference here in and with our physical costumes?

Maybe by asking the right questions,…

I love the saying in english “rising to the occassion”, in other words, stepping into the inner strength, the inner Christ so dearly, so that we transmute from the victim into the creator of our lives, recognizing how our suffering is actually a gift we receive. A gift for the part in us, that wants to grow here and be even stronger aligned with love.

The question now is, how do we get from A to B? And what does it need for us individually to be up to a situation fully and to literally rise to the occassion?

What do we need for our Rising? 

  1. Compassion and Understanding for our situation.
    This can be something we find within ourselves through journaling, meditation or the like.
    Depending though on the impact of the challenge it ma be useful to get support from a therapist or coach here.
  2. Prayer
    Even if you are foreign tp prayer, how can you give the issue, you feel entangled or constricted with to a higher power and let her take care of it?
    Are you willing to give this a try?
    And what do you need to feel safe enough to completely  surrender and ask for direction with the deep faith and (possibly hidden) knowingness, that you are capable to rise from the ashes.
  3. Listening
    Listening is a very intimate affair. The course in miracles says, that to every question we will ever have, there is already an answer. That is a profound concept and challenges us deeply in our current beliefs and ways of looking at life and suffering.
    Yet we have forgotten how to truly listen.
    Here are a few things that could keep you from hearing your guidance:
    – you spend too little time alone
    – you have no regular spiritual practice  ( meditation, prayer, connecting with nature,..
    . )
    – you frequently tend to ask others for their opinions

    I like to add to the last point, that yes, God speaks to us through others, but this happens naturally. With the tendency to ask others for their opinions frequently I am more talking about a sort of restraint to do so, before even going within and therefore deviate from our own capacity to listen, to receive and to know.
  4. Acting
    Once we have received an answer, it is time to act without delay.
    Let us learn to move through our fears to fail.
    Let us remember, to truly by in the Here and Now fully, trusting that all is well and we are taken care of every step along the journey.

You came to create big things.
Your challenges are merely hidden flowers, God sent you in order to make your whole magnitude and beauty visible.

Thank you for reading.

A beautiful week to you.

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