Mastermind for heart centered soul inspired Business Women:
*4 – 6 month regular  Soul support for your Business

Now is our time and I know as women we are called to be the leaders of a whole new era of love and Soul embodiment.
It’s the age of the soul aligned healers and teachers, what I call the MODERN MEDICINE WOMEN.


With all your qualities and gifts you are needed more than ever.

A program
to unfold your voice of clarity and wisdom in everything you do.

You are unique and the way you do Business should be just like that – uniquely your way.

Welcome to the Soul Aligned Movement.
I know that you know that there is no such thing as  a right way to do Business. I know this well, and with this program I will help you harness that unique Soul voice and become absolutely confident in hearing it. You will find how easy Business can be once you find your voice and your inner guidance.
You are unique and no concept of how to do Business will ever fill the void inside. I know it’s hard to actually own this. Because owning it means taking the full power back to you, and chances are, you have partially given your power away for a long time. Especially as a woman, you have a history of disowning our voice and power.

Time for the heart centered leaders.

In the mastermind you will be

BE SEEN with all that you are.

This program is geared to fully expand you into the light that your Soul is holding for you, expressing your Soul light into every area of your Soul Aligned Business.

A time for your Soul to expand into every part of your Business:

you’ll know what  your Business impact is and how you can truly allow things to flow for you

you’ll know and 100% own what your unique outstanding offer and messaging is

In the Soul Aligned Business mastermind you’ll be spiraling into your Heart and Soul wisdom on all aspects of your service-based Business.

The moment we allow ourselves to be full on supported in bringing our transformative work out there, we become like a magnet and the people that are so eager to receive the unique Soul service we offer are coming to us.

Receiving guidance from the Soul directly

Your Soul as your most aligned Business mentor

Your worth is unshakable – align your truth

What you stand for – align your core message

You deserve more – align your income, align your pricing

Boundaries – clear managing of your energetic blueprint

Let attracting the right support be the way to Soul Aligned success

You are now ready to be the magic and vibrant change maker that you are

It's a time of deep transformative Soul work!

6 Months of Full Love and Support with weekly Soul Alignment Coaching in an intimate group with 3 other women

  1. Our Soul Aligned group of 4 women with the purpose of  witnessing each other in their full expansion of the Soul light
  2. 5 individual sessions within the first 2 months, (4 more month 3-6)
  3. Soul Aligned Business Workbook

  4. Alignment in every area of your life

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Have you ever felt you were missing the point in making Business work for you ?

In this coaching program you’ll know why you felt that way, it will shift the way you were thinking about Business so far.

Now is the time.

I believe that there no coincidences and if you have found this Soul Aligned Mastermind group, you are ready for a big move in your work and life

We know that together we are shifting the light on this beautiful planet

This mastermind is designed to allow us to be held accountable and understood in a new soul aligned way

This time together is sacred

We know that now we are stepping into a way of making an impact while making money in a soul aligned way

We are now calling in a whole new way of being, spending our time on the things we are so made for and less on the things that our heart is not in

Every light bearer is connected to all other light bearers out there and I know it’s time to share our light with those most eager to receive it.

We are all unique, and still we have all these things in common. I know that once we start to truly come into our true Soul Tribe, we will never again doubt what our calling is.

It is our our Soul Tribe that reminds us of who we are.

The many powerful and heart centered women that I have supported and helped have changed their Business strategies because they have found that there is a way to do business that’s truly aligned with your heart and Soul. It’s time to be courageous! Now is the time to share your unique outstanding services and, at the same time, receive the income and satisfaction you deserve and so dearly desire. You are ready now and it’s time to show your business in a way you have never done before. Soul Aligned Mastermind is a program for you to align yourself and your business with your Soul. Book your call now!