Let’s set a new paradigm for being succesfull and living a life, not just surviving. I know that together, we can rise. As a socitey, as a soulfamily and as a human being. We were not made to be an island, that is why connecting soul people is such a big part of my work.

Amira is an empowerment coach for women, helping them to recognize their true inner light, believe in their dreams, speak their truth and walk their unique path of light and purpose.

Her gift of seeing and feeling people’s deeper essential truths opens up bold new ways of being that overcome previous limitations.

Her humour, her sensitivity and her unmistakable liveliness make her Seminars and Circles to a genuine firework of pure bliss and inspiration.
Amira believes in a woman’s power and therefore her mission is to remind them of their strength, greatness and uniqueness. It is her wish that every woman feels ever so loved that it becomes most natural to us to show our true Self and spread our gifts and talents throughout this world. Join her monthly free heart circle by registering here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-heart-circle-tickets-122052403023

Music and Acting are Amiras passions since childhood.
She loves playing the guitar and playing her music.

Amira has had health challenges since a child. Until she discovered her inner healer, she would go from therapist to therapist and never receive an answer, that could help her.
Now she knows, that with her story she can help other women to regain their inner strength when it comes to health and truly returning to perfect health.

Her own journey and her authentic way of sharing it with others are a constant inspiration for others.