Wake up woman

sun-851704_1920A poem that I had written in the middle of a night after I realized how I had abandoned my soul!
So you see this is what positive juice can come out in the middle of a nowhere 🙂

I hope you enjoy it and it talks to you!

HEre it comes:

Wake up woman wake up!

Wake up and open your heart to your truth
Wake up and love those that cant be with you
Wake up and shine
Wake up and truly be thine

Let go of that which detains your power
Let go of that which doesn’t feel good

For you know the truth and your power is rich beyond measure
For you know the time has come to be you
It is time for you to wake up
It is time for you to stand up

It is time for you to fully speak out what you feel
It is time for you to gather with those that seek truth, too

Let go of those that keep you behind
Let go of any action that is not based on love

Woman I call you

it is your time to break walls
Time has never been quicker
So please trust what you feel
You know so much more than you admit to yourself

So come open the veil

And do it for us

For you are the love
For you are the beauty
You can hear the earth’s calling
And it is your time to respond

There is no more time for waiting
There is no more time to hide
There is no more time to rescue another
There is only time to teach who you are

So woman wake up
And gather your truth
Your heart is much needed and
As is your youth

You are the one to step up couragously now
Speak out what you long for
And let life adore

We need all your beauty
Your greatness
Your rest
Cause you hold a power
That can’t be possesed

Its origin is from aeons behind
It comes from the core of all living things heart
And when I say that
I speak from my heart

So woman I love you
And I need you to shine
You are my sister
And I won’t leave you behind

I need your companion
As much as you need mine
So lets wake up together
And Shine Shine Shine Shine

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