There are times when we are called to nourish our inner goddess.

Times in which we are called to look within,


and breathe deeply,

to slowly and gently land back within our own empire.

Never forget, there is noone with whom you will spend as much time in your life as with yourself.

So be honest with yourself:

When was the last time you asked yourself what you truly need right now?

What would bring you joy today?

And how you could give yourself and your needs more space and time in the days/weeks/months to come?


When we set out to find the answers to those inner questions, it often means for us to first of all slow down, and be gentle with ourselves. The inner goddess wants to be seen. She is a very fragile, vulnerable yet stunningly rich and beautiful part of you. And in a world where we are shaped by performance, action, constant pressure to know things, forward movement,…. at first it can feel very unusual to slow down and listen within.

Answers though often come slowly, softly and gently in the quiet moments. Don’t you let yourself be fooled by thinking you don’t know what you need or that you have already explored everything. There is still so much for you to conquer. You deserve to look after your needs.

Your light and attraction will only benefit from this.

There is nothing more magically attractive than a woman who stands in the fullness of her power because she takes care of her own needs.

We are so used to orientate ourselves on the outside. In our relationships, we energetically sensitive ones are constantly looking at how our counterpart is doing. Maybe you know that kind of behaviour?


It is time for us now to revolutionize this and start with ourselves.

What is your inner goddess saying to you today?

In fact this very moment:

What is she longing for?

What does she want more of?

Don’t you forget, this hunger for life, hunger for more deep inside of you… is exactly there for you to recognize your birthright to fulfill your needs.


If you need support in discovering your inner goddess and what she truly needs, feel free to contact me for a trial coaching.

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